[fr] Cbo-boxoffice.com (v1.1) / 2008-12-17

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[fr] Cbo-boxoffice.com (v1.1) / 2008-12-17

Postby fdt » Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:26 am


Find enclosed in this topic 1 movie provider (based on the site "sratim.co.il").
Unzip and place the file in your folder "...\Tvixie\Providers".
If you find it useful, want to submit bug or need new feature, please use this thread.

- The image is taken from the movie main page.
- Works with Tvixie version 0.9.7

* CboBoxOffice.Com.dll (v1.1)
Name : Cbo-boxoffice - Language : French - Homepage : http://www.cbo-boxoffice.com
[X] Cover - [X] Plot - [ ] Rating - [X] Cast and Director

# v1.1
~ Fixed: runtime now converted in minutes
~ Fixed: original title now correctly displayed when equal to title
# v1.0
~ Initial release.

To submit a bug, please don't forget any information :
Library, movie (folder) name, search type (cover, plot, cast & director), Tvixie version.

PS: Thx to Dolu for the post template... :mrgreen:
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