Welcome to TViXiE

TViXiE is a GUI builder for Media Players currently supporting TViX, NMT (Popcorn Hour, etc...), Western Digital WD TV HD Player, Mede8er and Dune.

TViXiE automatically downloads movie/music information and covers and builds a graphical browsing experience for the media player.

Key Features

* Movie/Music information is taken from a wide range of sources
* Automatic Media Information detection
* Plugin interface to write your own movie/music provider
* FanArt support
* Layout Templates
* WYSIWYG Template Editor with 100+ effects
* FTP Support
* Windows Explorer Look & Feel
* Proxy Server support
* Currently available in English, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovaki and Russian

Please visit the TViXiE Community to discuss or ask questions regarding TViXiE.

If you like TViXiE please don't hesitate to make a donation, since I'm doing this in my spare time (what's left of it) and to continue to add features and supporting the software I would appreciate something in return from you, the users.

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Latest Version

Latest version: 1.3.3
Released: 2011-10-16